I’m an attention whore, and I’m not afraid to admit it…

I’m a thirty-something married type and a full-time student at a university that assigns you a pseudo-social security number.  I’ve been transplanted to a state where they say ‘dawg’ instead of ‘dog,’  believe that an hour long car ride is way too long, and won’t let you pump your own gas.

I spin, knit & crochet, study (sometimes), read a lot, watch too much Netflix, and spend too much time on the interwebs.  You might see a Work-in-progress Wednesday or Finished Object Friday here an there as proof of my self-proclaimed craftiness.  Summers are my non-school reading time, so I’m trying to do a Bibliophile page for each summer (and have not been very successful.)  I’m also a musician and have been in some musical theatre.  I’ve been known to break into song randomly without even realizing it. I write poetry from time to time, but it is rarely of the rhyming variety.

I’ve lived through some trauma, and sometimes that comes up.  My thought is that if I can help someone else, then I can maybe think that I can turn something shitty into something good.  They are never easy to post or read, but they are real.

Things you will likely never read about here: religion and politics.  I keep those conversations for in person, and even that’s rare.

And for the record, I do have tattoos.

Welcome to my little spot on the interwebs.


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