WIP Wednesday

I am not a monogamous fiber artist…not in the least. Right now I am actively working on 3 different projects, with many others hanging out in the breeze, waiting for the day that I may deign to pick them up again. But for now, here’s what’s on the needles (and yes, right now it’s all knitting. I have zero crochet mojo.)

Mormorio by my friend, knit designer Heather Zoppetti. The yarn is from Persimmon Tree Farm and the pink? Holy cats…it is NEON.

You can see me from space…

My NaKniSweMo project…which is also going to be a gift for someone, so this is all you get to see of it. The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Canopy.

Look, Ma! I’m making a sweater!

A simple bulky cowl, because one of my classrooms is freezing cold, and I cannot concentrate when it feels like my nose is going to freeze and fall off my face. Yarn is Frog Tree 100% Chunky Alpaca. (Chunky as in the yarn weight, not that the fiber came from a chunky alpaca.)

Toasty warm

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Mid-thirties, Mid-Atlantic transplant. Fiber-artist, hidden poet, health educator, student. Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I swear sometimes. Especially when I'm mad. Deal with it. View all posts by maggyruth

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