Cooking all the things…

I can cook.  Really, I can. I just have a tendency not to. Not because I don’t enjoy it (well, I don’t generally enjoy clean up, but that requires a special sort of which I am not), but because, for some reason, it feels like a huge production to me (I have time issues). Or should I say, it felt that way.

Then I met one of my S’s…Sairy (go ahead, click. She’s doing NaBloPoMo, too…) She cooks ALL. THE. TIME. And enjoys it (or at least, it appears that way…I’m sure she’ll tell me if I’m wrong).

So, this weekend, in a fit of cabin fever-esque something or another…I cooked. And baked. It was frightening. The kitchen doesn’t know what to do with itself (and it seems to have hidden the self-cleaning button, dammit).

The baking was precipitated by the presence of some past-their-prime bananas, so they became banana bread.  Then there were the chunky peanut butter brownies that Sairy said I HAD to make (twist my whisk, why dontcha?).

The cooking? Well, that all started when I went with Sairy and another of my S’s (who henceforth shall be known as Shaz…because damn I’m getting confused with just S’s) to a fabulous little restaurant on our way to Rhinebeck a few weeks ago. The soup of the day? Tomato Goat Cheese.

Yes, please.

I wanted to drink a vat of the stuff…and I don’t like soup. This is impressive, people.

I may have mentioned to Sairy that she should find a recipe and try it out and report back. So, she did. And then she tweaked it and made it perfect.

Here it is. Double the goat cheese and add 1/2 tsp of dried thyme. You’re welcome.

Last dish…chili…which strangely still hasn’t been touched (The Boy forgot I made it Saturday and put a pizza in the oven on Sunday. Oops.) That will be remedied soon enough. It getting chilly in these parts…something about a Nor’easter…just what we need after a hurricane.

Sairy is my own personal test kitchen. I just ask for a recipe for something, and it’s like she becomes my Google search. It’s fantastic.

However…I DID find these all on my own (I think)…Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats. I made caramel, people! From scratch! And I didn’t burn it!!

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