Three Nights with Mr. Messy

The next few posts will be long overdue from my trip to the UK. Blogging hasn’t exactly been top priority around here. These posts will also be pic heavy, word light (likely).

You might think, based on the title of my post, that the Boy came to visit for a few days whilst I was overseas…not the case, for a number of reasons. 1) That would have been really expensive, and B) who wants to fly 7 hours one way to stay for a few days and fly back another 7 hours. No thanks.

In reality, this is about my trip to Scotland. Mr. Messy was the name of my bed in the hostel I resided in during my stay in Edinburgh. (The Castle Rock Inn, if anyone is interested. It’s  great little place and inexpensive. My only suggestion would be to bring a bed roll as the ‘mattresses’ leave a bit to be desired.)

My bunk

The Mr. Man room. Ironically, an all female dorm…

I arrived on a Thursday evening after a chilly train ride (the quiet car was quite cold…hooray for the fleece blanket I had rolled up to bring with). It was a quick walk from the train station to the hostel, and even though it was about 10 pm, it was still relatively light out (higher latitude for the win!)

Friday was spent on a day tour with MacBackpackers (highly recommend! Inexpensive and the tour guides are great!) up to Loch Ness and then back to Edinburgh through Glen Coe. Scotland is fantastically beautiful. I would love to live there…at the very least I want to go back for an extended vacation/trip so I can see more.

No Nessie sightings…

Glen Coe

I think this should be a postcard

Hamish, Tour Bus mascot

Our original tour bus ended up having some minor mechanical difficulties, leaving us minorly stranded about 4 hours out of Edinburgh. Never fear…the tour company generously paid for our dinner at a local pub (haggis, neppies, and tatties for me!) and took us on a walking tour. The replacement tour guide had me laughing so hard on the way back that I couldn’t breath…if you ever want to know the real story of Braveheart, you must hear it from that man (his name is Hamish, too…)

On Saturday I took the day to wonder around Edinburgh, staying in Old Town. Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle, and all that good stuff.

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street


He was playing the theme from Star Wars

Flower Clock in Princes Street Garden

View of Old Town from Edinburgh Castle

I had to go back to Uni on Sunday, but the tiny taste of Scotland definitely whetted my palate. I shall be back.


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