There was this Paula Abdul song…

My best friend wrote this post the day I was leaving from my visit home to head to my other home. To be honest, because I’m a sap, it made me cry a little.  I really appreciated being able to head home and visit my friends and family, and particularly to visit my utterly adorable niece.

But, S made me think…more specifically about all the ways we are different.  It is seriously astounding that we’ve managed to stay friends.  Actually, what is most amazing is that we managed to live under the same roof for about a year WITHOUT one of us in jail for assault or homicide.  (I did end up in therapy, but that was not contingent on the fact that I live with S.)

Here’s some more interesting facts about our differences…if you care (I list them because it amuses me to no end…):

  1. Our decorating sense are completely divergent.  She’s all country kitsch, I’m more mission style (keep it clean, folks, we’re talking HOME DECORATING here…)  Seriously, some of the first words out of my mouth when I found my couch and love seat pair were, “S is going to HATE these!”, and boy does she.
  2. Our cat preferences: she prefers long hair, I prefer short.  She hates my cats, and at least one of them hates (or at least is deathly afraid of) her.  Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that one of her cats terrorized her while we were living under the same roof.  I am a fan of all animals and have yet to meet a cat I don’t like, so I love hers, whether I want to or not (and they love me back.)
  3. Our taste in men (thankfully) has always been on opposite ends of the spectrum. (Don’t say it, S, I’m not talking about those.)  We like each others respective husbands, but would never willingly be married to them (and I’m pretty sure our husbands feel the same.)

There are some ways we are the same, though.  Like she mentioned we prefer the same brand of gummy bears.  Though we prefer them at different stages of freshness, we eat them in the same order…orange first, then lemon or lime, followed by cherry then finally the clear ones (the pineapple flavored ones…BEST. FLAVOR. EVER.)

It doesn’t matter how opposite we are or aren’t.  We would do just about anything for each other.  She was the one I had the police call after I was raped.  I was the one she called when she found out she was pregnant with her son.  That’s just how it works.  It makes no sense, but it does.  Sometimes that’s just how life goes.

And because I DO have a picture of the 2 of us together (that she can’t figure out how to gank from my Facebook account…)

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4 responses to “There was this Paula Abdul song…

  • mands12

    So I just want to say if I was a cryer this would have done it and BTW I am certain that cat of yours will kill me in her sleep if given the opportunity.

  • mands12

    I meant she will kill me in my sleep in case you didn’t speak my language.

  • traci

    Your hair and makeup look absolutely fabulous in that pic.

    It’s amazing to think about our friendships that actually work, there really is no formula. Although liking the same brand of gummi bears may be a cornerstone in making it work.. 😉
    What a great feature for your dear friend. I’ll have to go over and read her post. I’m sure she appreciates you just as much. Great friends are so important.

  • Kristi

    That’s a great picture of the two of you!

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