The things my friends make me do…

Alright, so my friends don’t really MAKE me do anything.  They just have this damn tendency to entice me into new endeavors, and instill the desire to try new things.

I suppose it isn’t all bad.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day for it all.  That and the fact that I have a tendency to become singularly focused…well…I just have to choose wisely.

I got to learn a bit about dyeing yesterday. As in dyeing of fiber.  Because I haven’t become obsessed enough with fiber arts (and have thus developed the craving for more yarn than I know what to do with side-eye to the three blue plastic bins of yarn sitting in my living room).

I have several friends who have little side businesses of dyeing roving (that’s spinning fiber, if you aren’t aware), yarn, and silk hankies.  In fact, I’m going to give both the shops a little plug because I heart them so much.  So, if you’re in need of nifty yarn or roving for spinning take a look at Stitches ‘N Rows or The Grinning Gargoyle for some nifty hand-dyed items that might strike your fancy (personally I’m a fan of Contusion from Stitches ‘N Rows and platinum at The Grinning Gargoyle.)  Yesterday my friends at Stitches ‘N Rows invited me over while they were in the midst of dyeing.  In hindsight, I SO wish I’d taken pictures…next time…

Anywho…having spoken to various peoples about dyeing, and seeing several at home experiments by others (another crafty friend did her first yarn dyeing this past week with phenomenal results), it makes me really want to try it for myself.  Granted, for right now I would probably stick with the Kool-aid version of things, since I don’t have space that wouldn’t be stained by some of the professional dyes, and I don’t have utensils that I can give up for cooking right at the moment (though I’m sure I could scour Goodwill for something.)

Let’s just add one more thing to the list of ‘stuff I want to try.’  It’s already well past life expectancy, so why not?

What have you added to your list of ‘stuff to try’ lately?

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