Guilty Pleasure…


I enjoy watching reality television.  A la Bravo style…as in, the Real Housewives of (insert overly indulgent city/county/state).


I think I may have just been discounted as a future Nobel prize winner.

I remember when they first started with the “Real Housewives” series…you know, back when it was just the OC.  Now, it’s exploded to areas up and down the West and East coast (though I still have yet to see Real Housewives of Milwaukee…maybe people in the midwest are just too nice. Either that, or they can’t figure out how to pronounce some of our towns’ names.  Real Housewives of Oconomowoc, anyone? How about Keokuk?) (And honestly, I didn’t know that people had difficulty with those names until I moved to the East coast.)

Now, we all know that there is no sense in fooling ourselves and pretending that those kinds of reality shows are ‘real.’  There is a very small percentage of the population that constantly attends these events that they show on the Real Housewives shows, and it keeps getting smaller.  You see, it’s like the Royals..there has to be some familial connection and we’re getting pretty close to scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Pretty soon you’ll have all sorts of interesting chromosomal disorders…maybe that’s why they always seem to be in bad moods and intellectually challenged.

Ok, another admission…I do have ‘favorite’ housewives.  Not from every show, mind you (I am equally appalled by all cast members on some of the shows), but every once in awhile there’s one that’s not quite so bad.  They appear to be a little more logical then the others, and slightly less prone to hysterics.  These would be the people that I could see doing the “Mommy and me” classes instead of sending the kids along with the nanny.

Truth is, people aren’t interested in watching a real life housewife…you know, the one struggling to make sure the kids don’t kill each other, there’s enough food on the table, and maybe sneak in a shower every couple of days. That’s just a little TOO real. I ask myself all the time how I can justify watching these shows and I’ve just come to the sad realization that it’s like a bad traffic accident…you don’t want to look, but dammit, you just can’t help yourself.

What’s your guilty pleasure?



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7 responses to “Guilty Pleasure…

  • Jacki

    Which are your favorites? I too have succumbed to the illness of Housewife Addiction – but I will only watch New York and Beverly Hills. I like Bethenny Frankel and Kyle Richards. The rest … umm … it’s like watching a train wreck, I guess?

    • gritlysweettea

      I love Caroline Manzo from New Jersey. I think out of all the Housewives in every show she’s my favorite (though I wish she’d fix her eyebrows.) I’m a fan of Bethenny, too, though now that she has her own show, I’ve removed her from RH status, so I don’t feel quite so bad about that. Strange how our minds compensate…

  • Lindsey

    I watch every reality talent show there is. American Idol, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent. I am also highly addicted to the Discovery ID channel!

    • gritlysweettea

      I’ve been watching the voice (online…we don’t have cable or an antennae.) I’m kind of liking that one. I love watching SYTYCD, but I admit that I haven’t watched the past season or so (see previous re: no cable…I never thought to watch it online.) I blame the fact that I never took dance classes and my overall clumsiness on the fact that I’m in awe of the people on that show.

  • Traci

    I like you will watch the Housewives anytime and anywhere. (Even the boring ones, Miami and D.C.) Housewives have replaced my other guilty pleasure-The Disney Channel. I like other reality shows too, my new favorite is Ice Loves Coco. Also I love shows like House Hunters International.

  • Melissa Hicks

    I have “The Simple Life” on DVD. I don’t think it can get worse than that (unless it involves housewives).

  • Classic NYer

    It would be great to be one of those chicks though… just send the kids off with the nanny and drink alcohol at brunch with the girlfriends and then complain about how stressful it all is while you pay with rich hubby’s credit card…

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