On the Hooks…

I totally took that from KnitPurlGirl, but I did ask her first…It seemed appropriate, and that meant I didn’t have to relegate my WIPs to Wednesdays (because, invariably, I will rarely actually get WIP Wednesdays POSTED on a Wednesday.)  Do you get it?   Hooks for crochet?

Of course, I don’t have just ONE thing on the hooks, I have several, all in various states of done-ness.

This first one I’ve been working on since January but, as a larger project it got set aside during the school semester.  Now, it needs to get done because the time it needs to be presented is approaching.   These aren’t complete pictures, but you can get an idea:

Ooo...look at the pretty colors...

The second item was part of a CAL I joined on Ravelry.  The pattern is called Dahlia, and it’s my first shawl.  Again, due to school I didn’t get very far, but then the whole Pimento Loaf incident happened, and I had time on my hands.  So, I decided to work on that instead of the above project.  It was going swimmingly until I got to the border.  It was then I realized something was off, and I’d screwed something up 7 INCHES back in the body of the dang thing.  So, I had to set it aside to figure out what I wanted to do (and ripping back 7 inches was not something I was particularly eager to do.)  After much thinking, I finally had an inspiration that would allow me to continue without ripping back anything, though the two top corners will look a little different.

Finally, I’m working on another shawl (I seem to have gotten hooked…no pun intended.)  I’m actually making this for a specific purpose, and am using really nice yarn.  The pattern is Gathering Leaves.  It’s trying my patience sometimes, and I’ve found I really have to concentrate pretty hard otherwise I’m ripping back rows constantly.  It’s maddening, but it will be quite lovely when it’s done.

I keep finding more and more projects…and I only have 2 hands.  Bah.

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