The day Pimento Loaf said good-bye…

Once upon a time (oh, about 4 weeks ago), a woman we’ll call P was tardy for a party that she usually was never late to.  To satisfy her curiosity and determine the underlying cause of this tardiness, P decided to take a test.  She passed with flying colors (pink, to be specific.)

Considering this was quite an unexpected surprise (more “Luke, I am you father” surprise than surprise party surprise) this news took a little bit of adjustment time both on the part of P and The Boy.  However, after lots of talking and thinking, both parties had come to a point of trepiditious acceptance, and Peggy was starting to get a little excited.  One of P’s good friends (we’ll call her M), wanted a nickname for the baby, kind of a code name so it would be less noticeable than saying “baby” all the time.  Parasite was promptly dismissed (though I still think it’s perfectly acceptable and appropriate), and the term “Pimento Loaf” was settled upon.

Yes, this meant no study abroad in Scotland, and the likelihood that  she would have to go to part-time student status, but plans were in formation, and P had her first appointment with a midwife.  At that appointment, as is standard practice in that group, she was sent for an ultrasound for dating purposes and pregnancy viability.  THIS is where things started getting interesting.

On the occasion of her first ultrasound, it appeared that there were some concern over what was seen by the tech and radiologist.  P was sent straight to the OB office to see a doctor and begin more monitoring (hormone levels.)  On her follow up visit the next week, the doctor was pleased with Peggy’s progress and ordered another round of blood test, another ultrasound, and a follow up visit at the end of the week. P never made it to the second ultrasound.


Hi folks.

Story time is over.  Here’s what’s going on.

My pregnancy was ectopic, forming in my right fallopian tube instead of my uterus as it should.  On Wednesday (04/20), while at school waiting for my next class, I had rather sudden, sharp pain in my pelvic region.  I also began having cold sweats.  I figured this just might be a really bad round of morning sickness and decided to lie down.  After a couple of hours, I realized that I wasn’t feeling better, and I knew I couldn’t drive myself home.

Thankfully, M was in the study lounge with me, and called The Boy to come get me.  While waiting for him (it’s a bit of a drive from his work to my school), I got progressively worse.  I mumbled something about an ambulance because something was really wrong, and M got everything rolling.  Within minutes of being loaded on to the stretcher, I was in the ER of an area hospital, being examined and poked and prodded.

An ultrasound showed that the sharp pain I had felt was the ectopic pregnancy rupturing, causing me to bleed internally.  According to The Boy, I was literally white.  I was taken in for emergency surgery, where they discovered that I’d bled 3 liters into my abdomen.  Once they removed the ruptured ectopic (along with the tube) the bleeding stopped.  Since I lost so much blood and other fluids, I was in the ICU for most of Thursday, moving to the room I’m currently in around 7 pm.

There is no doubt there has been a lot going on in my life lately.  Right now, I am focused on healing physically.  Once I’ve gotten that on a good start, I will work in the mental healing.

If anyone local wants to stop by to visit, please send me a message on FB and I’ll let you know where I am.  As long as you don’t mind my very interesting hair-do, I’ll probably be here until at least Sunday. (Update-I was released Saturday evening and am currently recovering at home 04/24/11)

Thank you.

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8 responses to “The day Pimento Loaf said good-bye…

  • Lee

    Mantras for good karma, P. Check for e-mail from me.

  • Tracy Pajewski

    Hi Peggy and Boy – I am so sorry to read of your loss this week and I truly wish you a speedy recovery physically and an even more thorough recovery mentally. I haven’t been in your particular shoes, but was never able to get pregnant and understand the mourning that comes with that whole process. Please know you have many, many of us out here thinking of you.

  • Carolyn Beall

    Peggy sorry to hear what you have been going through. Your mom had told me that you were expecting but I did not see anything posted . It sounds like M is a wondeful friend and the Boy is there for you. It will be a tough time but you are a strong lady. you’ve proven that time and time again. You have a wonderful support system. Will send prayesr for you for both you physical and mental recovery. Much Love.

  • Ellen

    Dear Peggy…I am praying for you and all those you love and those who love you, which are many!

  • karenish

    Sending you an enormous hug. Be gentle with yourself. Really, there aren’t any words that can help in this situation. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. And you are not alone on the I-Lost-My-Baby Planet.

  • Lynae

    I’m SO sorry! There isn’t much I can do from this far away other than to let you know I’m thinking about you! (hugs)

  • Lisa

    I’m so sorry to hear about your baby. I know (from experience) that time will help, but knowing that intellectually doesn’t help much right now. I hope you find peace and healing as soon as possible.

  • Janice

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Also sorry that I did not know until tonight at knitting. You are amazingly strong to be able to go through this and have such a pleasant outlook.

    I’m glad to know you and wish you all the best.

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