This little piggy went…

what the heck are you doing to me? as we tied it to the dissection tray and decided to crack open its ribs.

Ok, that’s a little gross.  I couldn’t come up with a better opening line.

We’re dissecting pigs in biology (if you hadn’t already guessed.)  I’ve done it once before (back in high school anatomy & physiology).  This time around I’m quite a bit less hesitant…I think it has to do with the fact that I’m a realist and realize I’m not going to hurt the pig…it’s already dead.

I think they gave us better tools in high school, though.  We had a syringe bulb to suck stuff out.  Now we’re stuck trying to use paper towels like nonabsorbent lap pads.  It doesn’t really work so well.

Thankfully I have a nonsqueemish lab partner, though she does have a tendency towards being a little scalpel happy.  Some things are just better done with the blunt probe, you know?  Like separating connective tissue.  I had to take several breaks last week, because for some reason I was overheating to the point that my goggles were fogging up.  She was more than content to keep working away while I stepped outside and tried to cool off.  Why it is they have that room so blasted hot is beyond me.

We have a girl pig…aka the ubiquitous Petunia.  I try not to think about the fact that one of my mom’s friends would announce herself by the same name on the phone whenever she would call (I never understood why she did that.)  Petunia is a lovely specimen, and seems to have all her parts (though we had difficulty finding her pancreas at first…I thought she might be diabetic.)

This is a really lame post, but I wanted to put something up, and I fell through (surprise) on my update more than once a week.

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