My husband wants to get rid of me…

for a good 7 months or so.

Sounds good in theory, anyway.

Truth be told, we are exploring the possibility of having me study over seas for a semester or a year.  The very idea is daunting, but add marriage to the mix and, well, it has me split any which way of Sunday (what does that mean?).

I want to go.  Don’t get me wrong, I really want to go.  The country of interest is Scotland (the UK in general, but Scotland in particular)…either St. Andrews or Glasgow.  There are a number of reasons I selected this region…the least of which being that I don’t have the language ability to study in Germany (because I only have the paltry knowledge left after 2 years of crappy German teaching), or any other country where I would have to know a foreign language.  The last thing I want to be is the tacky American getting all frustrated because people don’t speak English (because, really…how arrogant is that?)

Now, that isn’t to say there aren’t a number of programs available in English, but another reality is that, somewhere in the Euro-mutt mix that I claim as my heritage, there’s a bit of Scot in me…so, why not go for something that would give me a chance to explore that?

The ‘ugh’ part of the whole thing…I missed the boy when he was gone for 2 days.  How the hell would I manage for months on end?  And lets not forget the cats…I quit a job because I missed them (sad, but true.)

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One response to “My husband wants to get rid of me…

  • Kristi

    Do it. I filled out an application to study abroad for a year in Germany, but I was later advised not go to because it would have brought my credit number over the limit for financial aid. That means I’d be cut off before I got a degree.

    With the internet, it’s not so difficult to stay in touch.

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