Goals for the year 2011*…

because why do in the beginning of January what you can do at the end of January?

And besides, resolutions don’t hold  much water for me.  I see them as something to fail at whereas I’ve always seen goals as something that continuously be worked towards.  Even if the goal isn’t reached immediately, you can continue to work towards without feeling as though you’ve failed at something.

I have several areas of life that I’ve created various goals for.  My hopes are to achieve all of them in the coming year, but if I don’t they are goals that can be extended til reached.  Some of them require immediate implementation to be successful, but I’ve found that it’s always good to have a varying range of short, medium, and long term goals.

Without further adieu:


  • finish what I start-I am notorious for starting projects and getting bored with them or sidetracked with other things.  The first projects I ever created took me years to do because I’d set them aside and didn’t pick them up for a very long time.
  • Learn to knit socks-I learned to knit several years ago, but never got comfortable with it.  I’ve just recently discovered what works for me as far as knitting holds go, and now I want to make socks.  Hand-knit socks are fantastic.
  • Try a lace (crochet) pattern
  • Give more than I keep-and actually finish the scarf I’m crocheting for The Boy
  • Organize stash (or keep stash organized)-the amount of yarn I’ve accumulated since restarting crochet boggles me a little bit.  I need to keep it under control before it takes over the couch…(and the living room floor, and the book case separating the dining room from the living room…)


  • Stay ahead of syllabus-with my classes this semester, and forever, this is necessary just so I don’t get swallowed up by the monster that is Rutgers
  • Raise GPA 0.2-I will now never have a 4.0, and I have to get over my disappointment in that.  But, I can work my ass off to bring things up to the high 3’s


  • track 2x per week minimum-Obviously to be the most successful it should be 7 days a week.  But I’m all about setting realistic goals
  • exercise 2x per week minimum-to avoid the spreading of my ass that has occurred due to my aversion to exercise over the past 6+ months.  Ultimate goal is to get back to where I was pre-wedding, which was at least 4 times a week.
  • decrease soda intake-I’ve actually already done this.  While I do have a flavored water or green tea (flavored), I haven’t had a soda since this past Sunday.  It will then be a removal of all artificial sweeteners (plain tea is disgusting), and I’ll be good.  (This is more because of the sweeteners than the caffeine, though I can definitely stand to lose the caffeine.)  And my teeth will thank me, too.
  • increase vegetable and protein intake-I’m already doing well with the increased protein.  Veggies, well…I’m working on it
  • Maintain a more normal sleep schedule-this will help in more ways than one.


  • Continue organizing-despite the fact that the Boy claims that I have moved just about everything in this house.  Some of it just needed to be moved.
  • Find surface of dining room table-enough said
  • Be more mindful of domestics-The Boy ran out of undershirts one day.  What had I been doing that week?  Absolutely nothing…I could have (and should have) done a load of laundry.
  • Find a part time job-because money sucks.

And now to work in one of my goals: because I have a chemistry quiz on Tuesday and I will NOT let that class kick my ass.

*Post title edited because my brother is a literalist.

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5 responses to “Goals for the year 2011*…

  • Rob

    Good luck with all of this! Clearly, we can help you with veggie ideas if you want/need veggie-based meals I mean. And I’m glad that you have tried the green tea idea. It really isn’t bad without sugar, but it will take time to get used to it if you’ve always used sugar. Or, you could try honey or agave nectar instead.

    Reading this, though, I couldn’t help but think that you’d probably get a kick out of writing “Anti-resolutions” each year instead of resolutions. If you missed it, here are mine for 2011: http://thirteenthdimension.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/my-2011-anti-resolutions/

  • Kristina Kaufman

    I was pretty disappointed when I lost my 4.0 as well, but it was also a relief in a way. There was too much pressure in holding onto it and I needed a reminder that I’m a human being who makes mistakes.

    That being said, good luck on your quiz. 🙂

  • karenish

    Nice list! It’s all about balance. 🙂

  • MaBeall

    Way to go! I never make a list and find yours interesting and knowing you very do able. Got some really neat crochet lace patterns and fingering and lace weight yarn. Let me know what you need. I’m taking a class in Lace Knitting and Beading in Knitting. Wish me luck as I venture into the unknown. Remember your dreams are always attainable.

  • Matt

    I continue to repeat this advice to myself that someone once told me:

    If you don’t write down your goals, all you have are dreams.

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