New Years and a consolidation

Happy New Year!

I’m only about a week late (or a bit early if we’re talking Chinese New Year…2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, you know.)

I’ve decided that, while good in theory, the reality is that I have a difficult enough time keeping up one blog, never mind two.  To that end, I’m going to be incorporating any information I would normally include in my weight loss journey blog into this one.  Considering the fact that I’ve been traveling in circles for what seems like forever…well, it doesn’t really seem to be off point to try to merge things.

On that end, I need to kick my own ass into gear.  I haven’t exercised save for a few days here and there since getting married.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve also fallen into my former habits of eating extreme crap.  Honestly, it’s ridiculous.  I have little motivation other than I hate how I look.  Le sigh.

Next up…

Since I’ve taken up crochet again, and actually seem to be completing projects (shocking,) I plan to incorporate some pictures and notes about what I’m doing there (I know you are all so excited to read about that.)  I’ve been crocheting on and off for 20 some years, and can honestly say that, until now, have only completed 2 projects (and both were rather hideous.)  Since starting up again this past December, I’ve completed at least 13 projects.  I’m highly impressed with myself in that regard.  I also found a local Stitch N Bitch, and even though my school schedule will keep me from going too often this semester, the ladies are really nice and will be a nice addition to my New Jersey crew.  In the future, don’t be surprised to see a WIP (work in progress) Wednesday or FO (finished object) Friday now and again.

Even though it’s Thursday, I thought I’d give you a bit of a glimpse at what I’m working on right now…I’m really excited about it for a number of reasons, the first of which being the colors I selected.  They are bright and cheery and perfect for the final intent of the project (to be revealed at a later date.)  It’s all acrylic yarn, but for now that is what I can afford (and acrylic yarn has come a long way.)

Cheers…off to work on some dots…

About maggyruth

Mid-thirties, Mid-Atlantic transplant. Fiber-artist, hidden poet, health educator, student. Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I swear sometimes. Especially when I'm mad. Deal with it. View all posts by maggyruth

6 responses to “New Years and a consolidation

  • Rob

    Fantastic work on the crochet! Keep it up!

  • Fitegic Planners

    Congrats on getting married – maybe my blog can help you – my focus is on meaning, motivation, and method – and a core truth is that all three change over time – especially when our life situations and circumstances change.

    I lost 100 pounds 30 years ago – and God knows my “situations and circumstances” have changed over time – but I have sustained a healthy weight. I would love to be able to share some of what I have learned along the way with you.

  • Andrea from NJ

    Looking forward to seeing your projects. I might join Stitch n’ Bitch too. I don’t knit or sew but I like the name : )

  • karenish

    I really love those colors! And I’m so impressed with your ability to move to incorporate all these new changes into your life: a new state, a daunting college career, and a new marriage, and yet you’re also out looking for groups to crochet with. And you have time to blog!

  • Kristi

    I really tried to keep a blog strictly about knitting and I couldn’t do it. I don’t knit fast enough to keep things interesting. Now I’m starting anew and writing about whatever inspires me.

    Super-pretty colors! I love rainbow-y stuff.

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