“New York, New York…

…a wonderful town. The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down.  The people ride in a hole in the ground. New York, New Yoooooooork! It’s a wonderful town!”  So says Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and that cro magnon looking guy…

Eh…the jury’s still out on that.

The boy and I traveled to the city yesterday evening to attend a concert by a dear friend from back home.  It was his second trip, my first.  We caught the train from Princeton Junction and settled in for the 80+ minute ride.  So far, so good…I took a nice little nap, and worked on unpopping my ears as we went into the tunnel (never mind the fact that my husband decides it’s fun to invoke a panic attack by pondering the train stopping in the middle of the tunnel…)

Then, we get to Penn Station.

Holy crowds of people, Batman. I had a death grip on the boy’s hand as we made our way through the station.

Seeing as we’d left the directions at home, we didn’t know which trains to take where, so we resorted to walking…We made it to the concert, which was fabulous, rather uneventfully (save for the busted blister on my big toe…comfy shoes + nylons=bloody foot after 2 miles.)  Making it back was much easier, as we had NY dwellers on hand to tell us just which trains to take where.

I think I’ll need to take another trip or two to really make a final decision (and have time to see things like Central Park, maybe a play, etc,) but considering I’m not a fan of how congested it is here in NJ, I don’t know that NYC will ever hold huge appeal to me.

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Mid-thirties, Mid-Atlantic transplant. Fiber-artist, hidden poet, health educator, student. Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I swear sometimes. Especially when I'm mad. Deal with it. View all posts by maggyruth

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