Joisey…it ain’t so bad…

…and I promise, that is the last time I will use such abysmal grammar.

I’ve lived in New Jersey for almost 3 months now, and while I haven’t seen nearly anything, I thought I’d give some lists of what I like and don’t like so far.

Dislike (I’ve mentioned some of these before, so I’ll try to keep it brief):

  1. Congestion (I’m not talking sinus):  Let’s look at the stats.  New Jersey had a population of 8,707,739 people in a 8,722 sq mile area.  Wisconsin has a population of 5,654,774 in 65,503 sq miles.  Everything always seems busy.
  2. Driving skills: one word-blinkers.  They are standard on all vehicles.  Learn to use them.
  3. Jug-handles:  I get it, but it’s confusing because there are some areas that DON’T have them. Make up my mind!
  4. Pumping gas: I’m sure I will appreciate this in the winter, but right now, I just want to light a fire under the attendants’ asses. It’s not as though they are a ‘full-service’ gas station.  No, all this entails is them putting the pump in the car’s gas tank and starting it up.  That’s it.  They don’t wash your windows, check your oil, zip.  And they move with the speed of a sloth after lunch time.
  5. The accent:  I’ve been told that living in central Jersey means I’ll be less likely to pick up that accent that is the butt of jokes around the nation. But that accent definitely does exist, and it’s something else.  (Of note, people who’ve lived here most of their life know they have it and some even work to eliminate it-I’ve found that most of the musicians I’ve encountered don’t have as distinct an accent-but sometimes I’m reminded of that old Mike Myers skit on SNL, “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman.”

Ok, ok, enough of that…


  1. It’s really pretty here: New Jersey has a bad wrap.  All I’m saying is, it isn’t called The Garden state for nothing.
  2. The people: just about everyone I’ve met has been super nice, friendly, helpful, bend-over backwards type people.  Again, NJ’s gotten a bad rep with those shows like Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I’m convinced the people on those shows aren’t real (well, accept maybe Caroline on Real Housewives…she’s actually tolerable (though slightly smothering)) and were just hired to act like everyone seems to think New Jersey residents should act.
  3. Diversity: I thought when I moved from my home town to Milwaukee a few years ago that I would see an increased amount of people different than me.  In some respects, I did, but Milwaukee has nothing on this place.  Almost every time I go out, I hear a different language, and I’m not talking Spanish (due to a large Hispanic population.)  I’m talking about everything under the sun.  My neighbors are from somewhere in Africa (I haven’t asked where exactly.)  I’ve heard Polish, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, you name it.  It’s amazing and I love it.  I drive down the road and I see a synagogue.  Milwaukee doesn’t have a giant Jewish population (though I’m sure there is a population.)  I love the fact that there is a kosher meat department in one of the grocery stores I go to.

While the number of ‘dislikes’ is larger than the number of ‘likes,’ I think it’s relative.  The dislikes are really quite petty and don’t really mean much.  The likes are worth so much more…


In other news…I was home a few weeks ago for the DA’s office second attempt at a preliminary hearing in the case against my assailant.  At the last minute, he (the defendant) waived the hearing (but not until after he asked if he could talk to me…that was met with a resounding NO.)  I’m waiting to hear if there will be a trial or if he is going to plead out.

While I was home, I hung out by Lake Michigan for a bit before meeting some friends for lunch.  I miss the lake.   I miss knowing what direction I’m heading because I instinctively know what direction Lake Michigan is (I am ALL turned around here…someone get me a compass!)  I grew up on the lake, and sometimes I feel a bit directionless without it right there.  Strange how that happens.

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4 responses to “Joisey…it ain’t so bad…

  • Sarah Thomas

    Bill gives me shit for the same thing but as soon as I get away from the lake I have know idea what direction we are going in.
    Bill also wanted you to know that the ocean looks just like that lake and it happens to be East from you as well 😉

  • playdeezgames

    Suggested Like #4: TV shows are on when they say they’ll be on. You no longer have to do the mental arithmetic with show start times.

    • gritlysweettea

      Yeah, that would work…if we had television. Well, we have a television but we don’t have cable or anything…(hooray for Wi-Fi set-ups and streaming NetFlix!)

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