Toss this…

Because May is creeping up at lightening speed, the brides on the May board of TK are all atwitter with the asinine little details that start clouding your vision and turning you into some bridal monster as your wedding day approaches.

One topic that has been heavily discussed is the bouquet/garter toss.

For the record, I hate them.  Always have.  I find them embarrassing for all parties involved.  I always tried to find my way to the bathroom (though there have been occasions where I have been literally dragged or paged to the dance floor. NOT cool.)

What is the deal with the catcher of the garter supposed to put said garter on the catcher of the bouquet?  I wouldn’t want some strange man putting anything on me, bad enough having to dance awkwardly with him should I happen to be the catcher of the bouquet (never fear…even in cases were I was forced to participate, I didn’t, really.)  Seriously…I would probably end up kicking the poor guy because, I’m sorry, but that a bit too ‘invading my personal space, thanks much’ for my taste.

Now, people have come up with different things to do…anniversary dance with the longest married couple getting the bouquet, etc, and those are cute, but there really won’t be any dancing due to the lack of alcohol (so says the gangly white boys I polled one Rocky’s Friday.)

There will be neither event at my reception…for one thing I will have neither bouquet or garter to toss (I doubt my bouquet will make it from Hawaii.)  So, that knocks that out right there.  The other thing?  There are very few (read, 3?) single (unattached) women (over 18…yes, I’m particular about this…children should not be out for the bouquet/garter toss, I don’t care how cute it is) who will be at my reception, and zero single (unattached) men.  Yeah…that would work out REALLY well.

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