Wedding checks!!!

These little things have made me happy in the wedding aspect:


I found these on  Plugged in ‘plumeria jewelry’ and, after scrolling through many pages (who knew there was so much plumeria themed jewelry?) ran across these:

Pretty, no?

Also, tonight I found this bouquet that I think will be perfect, if substituting green orchids for the lighter ones:

I was looking at doing a plumeria bouquet, but I really, really love orchids…we’ll see if it’s a budget breaker.  If it’s too much more than the typical bouquet, I’ll stick with a plumeria bouquet that may look something like this:

or this:

I found this display that has all the different color plumeria there are:

And I like #2, 4, 6 and a little bit of 9.

Also today I went a bit wild with the post-Easter candy sales…Spring time Hershey Kisses were on sale and I bought 20 bags (yes, you read that correctly…20.) I separated the pink and green for my candy buffet, and hope to sell off the blue and silver wrapped ones to some other candy buffet having bride-to-be.  Right now I have a ton of candy sitting in my pantry….I’ve resorted to sealing it all up in boxes so I don’t eat it…darn that sweet tooth.  I will be stashing it at MOH’s house sooner rather than later…I do have a wedding dress I need to fit into.  Let me tell you, though, the smell of those kisses was overwhelming when I started dumping out the bags for sorting purposes.


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