No-one cares much about the wedding…

…as the bride.

Well, except maybe my mother.

Surprise, surprise, I am a frequent lurker/poster on a popular wedding website (Gasp! No, really!?!?)

Yeah, whatever.

One of the post topics in the past couple of days was something about “This is what others really think of your wedding…”

Because I think I’m funny and kind of witty, I thought I’d share with you my response to this post:

Yup, the sad truth is that our weddings don’t matter to anyone else NEARLY as much as they matter to us.  You might be waxing poetic on whether or not you should use blush or bashful as an accent shade for the rhinestone on your cake topper, and your friends/family/and maybe even possibly your FI (though he should know better than to say it) are thinking, “When in the hell will she ever shut up about the stupid wedding?”

For those who aren’t in the know, FI=fiancé (though I believe the abbreviation is actually for ‘future intended’ not that anyone save myself and royals actually speak that way anymore.)

In reality, no one cares what color your napkins are, or if they are personalized with your names, dates, states of orgin, social security number, etc.

No one really cares if the chairs have covers.

No one really cares if the color on the invitations match the exact shade of the colors used in the flowers of the centerpiece arrangement.

Hell, they don’t even care if you HAVE a centerpiece.

What they care about is see you and your love being happy and being able to celebrate with you.

Yes, I ordered custom stamps (and I’d do it again, darn it…have you seen the current “LOVE” stamp the USPS has come up with?  Ugh.) And I’ve gotten comments about them, and it’s fun, but I know, in reality, it’s not that big a deal.

It’s really just one day.  It will be fun.  It will be a blur.  I will probably forget half of it (OK, not really…I have a photographic-ish memory.  The BOY will probably forget half of it…)

And that’s OK.

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One response to “No-one cares much about the wedding…

  • shana

    😀 You’re right, I don’t remember a ton about my wedding. Except that the florist messed up my flower order >| But, I remember the bubbles, and the two deaf people trying to do the YMCA, and a lot of friends being there 🙂

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