Stuff, sealed, stamped…

And soon to be in the mail.

My wedding invitations are done…hooray!

Oh my goodness, why on EARTH was that so difficult?

I’m on a wedding website, and I read women’s bios, and compared to some, my invitations are a 5 year old’s scribble on a piece of scratch paper (we’re talking serious hours clocked here…) yet it took me WAY longer than necessary to get these puppies ready to go out the door.  Because I am the overly analytical type (shocker, huh?) I pondered the idea for awhile and think I’ve come up with some reasons (aside from the fact that I’m just plain cuckoo for coco puffs…)

1) Perfectionism-I wanted everything to be just so (as is typical for me), and that tends to lead to a horrific case of procrastination.  If Procrasti Nation was real, I’d be the queen.  Seriously

2) Guest list-I didn’t really have a limit to the number I could invite (well, yes there way, but I wasn’t near that limit,) but in my head I did (the thought of that amount of people is still anxiety producing, regardless of the fact that I know just about everyone.)  And in the end, I made some cuts just for my own sanity.

3)Fear-these puppies going out are a sign of some HUGE approaching changes…and with change comes fear.  Not so much that I would want to put a keebash on things…no no no.  But it brings reality into the mix.  It’s not like I’ve done all this going to venues and caterers and cake decorators…nor are there grandiose plans.  This is NOT “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?” or “Platinum Weddings.”  This is a relatively simple wedding in Hawaii (they do all that planning) and a reception back home (my mom and SIL are playing big parts in that.)  These invitations symbolize that these are real events, that will actually be happening in a little less than 2 months (oh, dear Lord, where’s that paper bag again…)

I’m sitting here (at 2 in the morning, when I should most DEFINITELY be sleeping,) looking at the stack of envelopes I’m going to be shoving into a mail box tomorrow, and trying not to feel slightly nauseous…

There’s also that silly little part of me that just hopes people think they are pretty.  God bless the women who spend hours upon hours on their invitations, with their pocket folds and belly bands (I STILL don’t quite get the whole pocket fold thing.)  Mine are simple…and from Target.  I wonder if part of me is disappointed in myself…I always thought I’d have these fancy-schmancy things…but I just didn’t see the point in expending the money, time, or energy in them.  There’s that little part of me that’s a little jealous of the women who did put in that time…but I wonder how much of their time pre-wedding is spent on wedding stuff, and how much is spent on marriage stuff.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t go all out.  As much as I had dreams of some big wedding with all the bells and whistles, in the end, it’s the marriage that’s the important part.  Yes, it’s awesome to be able to celebrate with my friends and family, but I guess I just prefer to foster the relationship with the man I intend to spend the rest of my natural life with.

Though I do have an awesome dress…

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