Less Ampersandy…or, when did the parental list become a novel?

I should absolutely be working on school work right now…but whatever.

I’m working on making my wedding invite less ampersandy.


You know …the ‘&’ sign?

I just like the word ‘ampersand.’

Due to the proclivity of more than one parental set per party, it appears that there are a number of ampersands in the invite.  Part of it’s my fault because I’m doing ‘daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hisname & Hername Lastname’ instead of ‘daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hisname Lastname,’ but I have my reasons for that.  The Boy didn’t realize that I’m not listing my bio-dad on the invite, whereas both his father and stepmother AND his mother are being listed.  The Boy also didn’t realize that I was listing out first names…and I got a very southern, “Well, you’ll be Mrs. Myname Lastname…” and he promptly received a hearty laugh.

I’m still me, buddy.

I think I’m just going to leave it.  I have removed one line that, by its own right, removes two ampersands. I believe that will be sufficient.  I had a difficult enough time figure out the parentals to begin with…since he’s dad is a ‘Dr.’, and it just looked weird to not have Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. for the other names.

Oh well…It’s just an invitation.  Maybe I’ll give a prize to whomever remembers just how many ampersands there are…

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