Book recommendations needed…

I’m going to spend my summer free time reading…for fun before I end up only reading chemistry text books.  My books are packed, so I can’t (read: won’t unpack) take a look, so I need your recommendations.  Leave recommendations either here or on the Bibliophilia page up top.  I’ll read just about anything, save horror and most sci-fi.

Gimme your best shot!

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8 responses to “Book recommendations needed…

  • Beth Walsh

    I got lots of suggestions. If you haven’t read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, those are great books (a touch sci-fi as there’s time travel involved, but really it’s historical fiction with a very strong romantic element). There’s 7 books in all and each are between 800-1000 pages so they will keep you busy!

    I just read Interred With Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell (in fact I can loan you it). It is a action/adventure revolving around a lost play of Shakespeare. Exciting and different.

    I read a lot of romance, and there are tons of good ones that are out recently. I can loan you a bunch of those, too.

    • gritlysweettea

      Ooo…I like the sounds of Interred With Their Bones. I’m willing to borrow as long as you don’t mind me taking it to a different state! (I promise I’ll send it back.) BTW, have I told you how much I LOVE Paperbackswap?

  • shana

    If you like intrigue and suspense, Jack Higgins is very good, particularly his Sean Dillon series.

    Mary Higgins Clark is always a winner 😀 My particular favorite is Nighttime is My Time.

    William Kienzel (sp?), Catholic murder mysteries that are quite good. Think about if Fr. Harry got a little cratchety and started writing murder mysteries 😉

    Baptism by Michael Green if you’re looking for non-fiction.

    Created to Be His Helpmeet with some caution…. there are some good things in the book, but there are also some things left to be desired theologically. Still, some good points can be gotten from it.

    If I think of anything else I’ll let you know 🙂

  • mandi

    OK. Here’s what I like:

    Don’t Shoot the Dog: Karen Pryor, nonfiction but so useful to life

    Anything by Lynsay Sands: all kinds of trashy

    biographies are good times

    I read a lot of young adult fiction (comes with the job) but they’re way more entertaining than the adult stuff. Vladamir Tod is good as is the Evernight series.

    OH! Have you read The Hunger Games? #1 on the must-read list.

  • Sarah Day

    i’ve just started reading lamb by christopher moore. its great so far and everywhere i go with it, strangers keep telling me how much they love that book.

  • Shannon King

    Here are my suggestions…The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis the entire set…anything by Catherine Coulter, she is awesome…and a must read…A Seahorse in the Thames by Susan Meissner…good luck with your reading! love the blog by the way, I am your newest follower/fan/stalker…lol…

    • gritlysweettea

      Thanks, Shannon! I’ve read the Chronicles of Narnia more times than I can count…got my first set back in the 4th grade. They are seriously some of my favorite books! I will definitely take a look at your other recommendations.

      Thanks for the support! I appreciate it!

  • beckyyk

    Tina Fey’s new book “bossypants” is really funny!

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